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8mm/06/ 40 degree shoulder, f/length set.Antique Firearm: Complete Restoration

Action Work

A professional Trigger job, or to smooth out your action will make the most of your shooting experience,these are some of the best modifications you can get for the money. See description for pricing. *NOTE: prices are for labor only.

( Jennings Outdoor Sports )
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Adjust Trigger From.$75
Modify Trigger Pull (non adjustable) From.$110
Install Aftermarket Trigger $75-$150
Forge and Finish Bolt Handle $95
Lap Bolt Lugs $89
Face off Action  (barrel off ) $55
Install Mk II type Safety $65
Install Mod 70 type Safety $145
Check Head Space $45
Check Firing Pin Protrusion $35
Jewelling of Bolt $110
Revolver Action Smoothing Job $175