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Barrel for Remington M1100, 12GBolt Action kit, fits most 1, piece stocks.

Barrel Work

Need your barrel cut & crowned? Need a new one installed? Starting at $75 and performed by a professional gunsmith, it can increase accuracy and enhance your shooting experience greatly. NOTE: Price is for labor only--parts not included.

( Jennings Outdoor Sports )
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Cut & Crown Rifle or Shotgun Barrel $75
Cut & Crown Handgun Barrel $95
Install Preturned & Chambered Barrels (No Finishing) $250
Thread Chamber & Fit Barrel to Action (Std.Crown, no finishing incld) $350
Install Barrel Liner $250-$395
Set Back Barrel & Rechamber $225
Straighten or Adjust Barrel $235
Replace Revolver Barrel $155